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Our Sonography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging programs are designed to give you real-world knowledge and skills with the newest procedures and medical protocols that you will use in the field. More than that, they are designed by medical professionals to help you build a career with a strong job outlook, high earning potential, and the opportunity to contribute to the healthcare industry.

Smith Chason College’s WCUI School of Medical Imaging offers the following programs:

Bachelor Degree Programs

Associate Degree Programs

Diploma Programs

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Nursing programs are available at the Smith Chason College School of Nursing! To find more information about Smith Chason’s Vocational Nursing, and other nursing diploma and degree programs please visit smithchason.com.


General Questions for all Smith Chason College WCUI Programs

Your Smith Chason College Education Can Be Divided Into Three Sections:

  • Lecture – Online through asynchronous courses + Through live zoom lectures
  • Lab – In-person on campus
  • Externship – 6 months In-person at a designated site

Communication is Critical to Your Development and Success

  • Time flies when you’re having fun and learning! Your first few courses are the building blocks to your educational journey if you are struggling to comprehend a subject or balancing your schoolwork and life, cracks in those building blocks will develop. It is important to keep an open dialogue with your instructors, student services team, and program director and reach out if you are struggling. They are there to help assess and cultivate a plan that can help you succeed

Like Learning a New Language!

  • You’ll be learning new terms that will become part of your day-to-day conversations and evaluation of patients
  • You’ll build on this language from the very beginning, all throughout your education and well into your career

Patients From All Walks of Life Will Need Your Help, Compassion, And Professionalism

  • In the medical field you will have the opportunity to help people from all parts of your community including those who may be low-income, struggling with homelessness, enduring extreme pain or mental illness. Often people who require medical help are not at their best and will need compassion and care from their physicians, technologists, nurses, and therapists. Your attitude can affect their medical journey

Hands-On Work

  • You will need to be hands on with your patients requiring you to be comfortable with touching other people
  • You will also need to hold and manage equipment with your hands oftentimes while multitasking and utilizing hand-eye coordination to complete your job

Vaccinations May Be Required by Your Externship Site or Future Employer

  • As part of the healthcare industry, you are exposed to viruses and diseases that the common population does not come across every day. Your future employer and externship site may require vaccinations to work at their facility
  • This includes vaccinations against the Flu, Annual TB, Hepatitis, COVID-19, etc. as required by your Externship site or Employer

Externship Is A Critical Time That Will Help You Develop Real Experiences In Your Chosen Field

  • During externship you will spend 6 months working alongside other healthcare professionals who will teach you the ins and outs of your chosen field. This will require potentially long and late hours, hands-on work with patients, and travel to your designated externship site
  • This is the moment you can take the skills and knowledge you built in lecture and in lab and apply it to the field! You will have mentors with years of experience guiding you but there will be moments where you will need to follow instructions and work on your own
  • You will need to maintain a professional manner – you’re with real patients now! And they’re counting on you.

What Is a Transfer Credit?

  • All transfer credits will be evaluated by Smith Chason College Registrar office. Eligible transfer credits must be from a previous college-level course, this does not include AP-level high school courses.


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