As a member of our Smith Chason College Family, we want to make sure we provide the support and guidance you need to succeed during your education and well after. Each department provides student resources and services to ease your growth in your chosen program and into your career. From tutoring assistance to mock interviews, our team is ready to help you on your education journey! Explore the departments to find the resource you need or contact them using the information below and they’ll guide you along the way.


Smith Chason College didactic courses are held online. Join your Zoom classes with your own Smith Chason College WCUI virtual background! Click one of the options below and right-click on the background to download it to your computer. For help adding your new background on Zoom, read this article:

WCUI Watermark Virtual Background


Visit the Academic Policies page to learn more


Our Student Services team is dedicated to you, your education, and ensuring you have the resources you need. Below is a list of services and resources our Student Services team can assist you with:

  • Tutoring & Open Lab:
    • Open lab hours with instructors, approved Smith Chason College alumni, and tutors are available for students to practice their skills.
    • Having trouble in a class or a specific subject? Study groups and school-organized tutoring is available for Smith Chason College students to keep you on track. Reach out to the student services team today to get started!
    • Gain resource materials for best study habits and techniques and online test prep for upcoming tests from your student services team.
  • Student Support:
    • Our Student Advocates are here to listen and support you with any issues that may arise while pursuing your education at Smith Chason College. No matter if you are having trouble balancing school and life or are in need of a listening and understanding ear, your Student Advocates are ready.
  • Connect with the Student Services Team:


As your education continues to grow our Career Services team is here to help you take the steps you need to feel confident as you pursue a career after Smith Chason. Through workshops, assistance in building a professional career portfolio, registry board prep, and application, our Career Services team are here for you every step of the way.

Neville C.W. Smith, MD Memorial Learning Resource Center

Neville C.W. Smith, MD Memorial Learning Resource Center branches are available at each campus to provide you with a space to complete projects, do research, and study between classes.

  • On-Campus Resources:
    • Our library contains over 500 textbooks, electronic books and journals, DVDs and CDs, and student computers and printers.
  • Online Resources:
  • Connect with your Neville Smith Learning Resource Center (LRC) Librarian:
    • Need help with a project or finding the resource you need? Our librarians are here to help!


When you become a Smith Chason College student you gain access to a wide variety of technology to support you on your educational journey. Including

  • Student Email:
    • All communication and log-in details for your on and off-campus technology will use your Email address. Check your e-mail frequently to stay up-to-date on any critical communication from the school.
  • Microsoft Office365 Suite:
    • Access a full suite of programs for all your classwork and prepare for the professional world, including Microsoft Word Online, OneDrive, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, and Outlook for your student email!
  • Canvas:
    • Access your online classes, homework, Smith Chason College department information, online registry prep, and other study materials even while on the go through the online student LMS, Canvas. Use your credentials to log in.
  • Orbund:
  • Having trouble logging in or receiving a technical error?
    • Visit the Smith Chason College IT Support website to explore the Knowledge Base or submit a support ticket: Contact IT Support.


As a future sonographer or MRI technologist, you’ll need hands-on experience at a hospital or clinic before you graduate from your program, that’s why each WCUI program has Externship to test your knowledge.

  • Externship Site Placement:
    • WCUI students are placed into a hospital or clinic for hands-on experience to practice the skills taught in class with patients, doctors, other WCUI alumni, and other healthcare providers.
    • Students will have an opportunity to see and work with real patient cases.
  • Externship Site Prep:
    • Preparing to start an externship at a new site? Obtain your titers test through Request A Test 
  • Connect with our Externship Team:


Our Smith Chason College Registrar team are some of the most important people you’ll need as a student to connect with on-campus for scheduling, grades, transcripts, and more:

  • Scheduling:
    • Your Registrar team will assist you in scheduling and registering for classes
  • Grades & Attendance:
    • Once your instructors finalize your grades and attendance your registrar team will process grades and attendance into your student account.
  • Transcripts, Graduation Requirements, & Diplomas:
    • When you’re getting ready to graduate your registrar team can help you get copies of your transcripts, review your and ensure you meet your graduation requirement, prepare your diplomas for graduation day, and so much more!
  • Orbund:
  • Connect with our Registrar Team:


Our Smith Chason College Accounting team can help you view your tuition and fees, make payments, and understand your payment schedule.


Smith Chason understands that you might need a helping hand in your medical imaging career ambitions. For that reason, financial aid is available to those who qualify. Our Financial Aid team is here to help you understand the process and guide you through what is available to you

  • General Financial Aid Requirements:
    • To receive federally funded financial aid and some other types of financial assistance, students must do the following:
      • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
      • Enroll as a regular student in an approved degree or certificate program
      • Meet citizenship requirements
      • Demonstrate financial need
      • Maintain compliant academic progress and attendance record
  • Campus Ivy:
    • Need access to your Financial Aid information? Visit Campus Ivy.
  • Scholarships:
    • Check out our Scholarship Booklet with samplings of scholarships available to support your journey to education. 
  • Connect with our Financial Aid Team:

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