Faculty Feature: Dr. Raafat Baheeg

Who is Dr. Raafat Baheeg?

Dr. Raafat Baheeg is a man of many talents. Not only is the Director of EKG Education & Lead Instructor of Medical Sciences at the WCUI Los Angeles campus, but he is also an orthopedic surgeon, a musician, and a composer. He loves music and being creative just as much as he loves teaching. Dr. Raafat practiced orthopedic surgery for 7 years before joining WCUI in 2011 as a medical science instructor. Dr. Raafat’s wife is an architect and previously worked for California Baptist University, his son is a top salesman for T-Mobile, and is currently pursuing his Bachelor in Theology, and his daughter is studying for her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at Hope University.


Dr. Raafat was an instructor in many subjects prior to joining the WCUI team. He taught piano and languages, such as Arabic, to a variety of students. He absolutely loved teaching, but after being away from medicine for a few years he wanted to return to the medical field. He had a mission to change students’ lives and so he found WCUI.

“Dr. Baheeg is a great professor. He cares about the students’ educational goals. He is really passionate about teaching and cares if students learn the material in his class. He established my love for medicine.” – A previous student on RateMyProfessor.com

Teaching Methods

Dr. Raafat prefers an interactive classroom where he asks students a lot of questions to keep them focused on the topic. In return, he expects them to ask him questions and provide feedback to gauge their learning, as well as, keep them interested. He takes his class very seriously because he wants his students to understand the seriousness of the profession they are studying for.

Dr. Raafat explains that when they enter the workforce they are changing people’s lives. As the doctor’s eyes, the images they collect will help the doctor make a diagnosis. If they do not collect the full picture, then doctors could potentially make the wrong diagnosis, thus affecting the patient’s care.

Dr. Raafat asserts that he wants to build the students to not just be imaging techs but medical professionals.

“Dr. Baheeg is THE BEST PROFESSOR for anatomy and physiology. I took his class last semester. I had little knowledge about the human body but his explanations will improve your understanding by 100%. His lectures are fun! And he always uses small stories to explain body functions which are hilarious and easy to understand! Would definitely take him again” – A previous Student on RateMyProfessor.com

Dr. Raafat’s goal is to build a pyramid of knowledge and skills for his students: First, he must build them a background of knowledge, then work on their critical thinking to tackle issues, next expand their skills, and finally build their confidence. To do this he sees everything through the students’ eyes and tries to connect the topics in class to the students’ lives. His determination to connect with his students shines through the numerous positive reviews left by past and current students.

Favorite Memory of His Students

Dr. Raafat recalls his favorite memory of his students is the appreciation he sees in their eyes when they leave the classroom. To him, changing his students’ lives is the most fulfilling experience of being an instructor. He constantly has students coming back months and years after his course, saying they miss him and they miss his class. His persistence to build a connection with each student year after year exemplifies everything WCUI stands for when it comes to educating our students, our family.

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