In Memoriam of Vinny Cosac

Remembering Vinicius (Vinny) Cosac

It is with a heavy heart to share with the WCUI + Smith Chason community of the sudden and unexpected passing of Vinny Cosac. Vinny was a proud sonographer, a fellow sonography faculty member at WCUI, and beloved mentor, teacher, student, and alumni. Our faculty, staff, and community will miss him and our students will carry his legacy forward. Thank you Vinny for your dedication to making a difference in the field, your compassion for helping and giving back to everyone around you, and for the impact you had on our students. You will be greatly missed.

We offer our deepest condolences to Vinny’s family and all those affected by this great loss. 

“Vinny was a great sonographer and caring faculty member at WCUI who taught general diagnostic sonography and assisted with EKG lectures and lab. My fondest memory of Vinny was the excitement and happiness he shared at his graduation. He was an inspiration to all he worked with and most of all had the kindest and most caring attitude toward all our students. He will be greatly missed.” – Myra Chason

Vinny, you will live forever in our hearts.

In Memoriam of Vinicius (Vinny) Cosac


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