WCUI's Spring 2020 Education

Due to the spread of COVID-19, WCUI will be offering all courses online for the Spring 2020 term. WCUI has an obligation to support the communities we operate within, and we will always make the health and safety of our populations, especially you, our students, our priority. While this is a challenging time for many of us, this is also an exciting time to be a student at WCUI. This is an opportunity to innovate and collaborate in unprecedented ways, and WCUI is embracing this opportunity. We are very excited to get started with all of you, from those that are new to WCUI to those who are homing in on graduation. Below is an outline of WCUI’s Educational Delivery Model for the Spring 2020 term. 

WCUI’s current education model consists of three components:  

  • Lecture (learn the principles) 

  • Clinical Laboratory (hands-on application of those principles) 

  • Clinical Externship (professional application in a live clinical setting) 

In the plan below, we discuss, in a program-specific way, each of those areas.


No Schedule Changes. All lecture classes will be broadcast within the exact times scheduled prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (for all schedules). This is to help students maintain a sense of normalcy and structure through these times.



WCUI will combine recorded lecture content from expert instructors from all three campuses and live content from your course instructor. During your lecture, you will participate in lectures via Zoom, watch pre-recorded lecture videos from expert faculty, Q&A, live quizzes, and discussion boards. All lectures will focus on helping you interact not only with the instructor but with your fellow classmates.

Attendance:  Regular Attendance rules remain yet are applied in a digital environment. All students will login to their Live Virtual Classroom via Canvas and Zoom. Attendance will be taken 3 times during each lecture class.


Based on student feedback, WCUI will be making a few changes to the way we provide our lecture for General Education and Ultrasound courses that will be effective starting Monday, April 13th, 2020. Please see the latest plan below:

WCUI will provide a new hybrid lecture model allowing students to cover some content before class:

  1. A pre-recorded lecture or lectures will be available to you in Canvas prior to your scheduled live lecture course.
  2. Students must complete the pre-recorded lecture before your scheduled live lecture.
  3. Students will then review the pre-recorded content during the live lecture course.

This new method will allow you to complete one (1) hours of education outside of your scheduled class time and at the convenience of your schedule! It is important to complete the hour lecture before attending your live lecture classroom.

*Nursing and MRI programs are currently exempt.

Example of a Daily Lecture Schedule Version 2

  • Before Class Starts:
    • Students will view a video or series of videos. These videos are to be between one (1) and not to exceed two (2) hours in total duration–one video or multiple videos, broken up by topic. Students will complete a short quiz demonstrating their knowledge and that they have watched the required video(s).
      • Students will receive credit for one (1) hour of class time by completing the videos and quiz before class starts.
      • *As of 4/6/20, WCUI will be allowing students to get credit for covering lecture content outside of their regular course schedule, at their own pace. Currently, this is limited to a maximum of one (1) hour. Attendance will be taken via completion of this lecture(s).
  • Scheduled Class Start Time:
    • 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM: Instructor opens Discussion Board for class – takes roll on Discussion Board. The instructor then covers the following:
      • Review from previous class meeting
      • Live Q&A covering any questions from the presenting instructor’s video.
    • 9:40 AM – 10:50 AM: Live Lecture and Q&A based on key topics/questions from a discussion board. During this time, the instructor will go in depth on topics discussed during pre-recorded lecture.
    • 11:30 PM – 12:30 PM: Discussion Board OR Student Presentation OR Flipped Classroom activity. Students will engage in a discussion board, student presentation OR, a flipped classroom concept where students drive the discourse and the Instructor guides the dialogue appropriately.

Attendance: No Change from prior policy.

We understand that learning online, comes with its own sets of challenges and we are working hard to support you during this time. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback our ears are always open! Please direct any questions to your Student Advocate.



Ultrasound (DMS, CVS, and PEDs) will, at their regular schedule, login to Live Virtual Clinical Laboratory via Canvas and Zoom sessions.  

All WCUI Ultrasound Clinical Lab Students will, in a virtual session, interact directly with their clinical lab instructor while using the SonoSim Ultrasound Training Simulator that will be provided by WCUI. You will walk through key anatomy and protocols while the SonoSim records your individual studies as a part of its performance tracker. This will allow the opportunity to see a multitude of pathology and see your progress!

All WCUI Ultrasound Clinical Lab Students will receive a SonoSim unit and will engage in virtual clinical lab sessions with a WCUI faculty member. This is a different way to learn and will be supplemented by live scanning time at WCUI or our associated clinics wherever possible given COVID-19. The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution is the most comprehensive way to provide ultrasound education remotely and provides students. With the ability to learn anytime anywhere. SonoSim also provides extensive didactic teaching, hands-on training, and knowledge assessment on a variety of topics. For example, Students will be able to:

  • Access cloud-based, didactic SonoSim Courses developed by leading experts in the field, in a huge variety of topics that your instructor will guide you through.
  • Scan real-patient data on-demand (normal and pathologic patients).
  • Learn image acquisition and interpretation through SonoSimulator.
  • WCUI Faculty will use SonoSim LiveScan to teach students how to integrate ultrasound findings into an initial impression to assist the radiologist. At a later time, staggered scanning utilizing Ultralinq maybe be scheduled.

WCUI students can access on-demand and standardized scanning experience of normal anatomy and pathology without needing live patients. As the spread of COVID-19 slows, WCUI will re-integrate more and more live in-person clinical experience. However, we are extremely confident in the solutions we have provided and encourage our students to check out SonoSim’s website: https://sonosim.com/

*WCUI Lab and Extern students, Stay Tuned! We will be contacting you soon to:
  • Give you the schedule to pick up your SonoSim ultrasound simulator systems
  • Sign the SonoSim Technology Agreement in order to pick up your system. Save time by signing this SonoSim Technology Agreement Form and bringing it with you when you pick up your SonoSim package.
  • SonoSim Portal and Performance Tracker Login information




Example of Clinical Lab Schedule: 

  • 8.30a – 9.30a: Review anatomy benchmarks with clinical lab instructor in a live small group, logging onto your SonoSim login. 
  • 9.30a  11.40a: Live virtual small group session with your clinical lab instructor. Students will be scanning with the SonoSim simulator, and instructors will provide guidance and check-in on progress.  
  • 12.30p – 1.30p: Review Student performance on protocols, provide feedback and offer guidance.  

A student’s second day of clinical lab will include the same schedule with 30 minutes to 1 hour dedicated to class discussion of pathologic case study analysis or clinical professionalism in a clinical environment.


Year-End Protocols and Externship Prep Laboratory (EPL) Protocols Clinical Lab Course:  

  • SonoSim can save your ultrasound studies and WCUI can review them for a grade. Additionally, both year-end protocols and EPL protocol testing will be performed at Ultrasound Institute Medical Group or at WCUI’s labs. 

  • WCUI will set up a separate scanning room specifically for testing at these clinics and will rotate extremely small groups of students. 

Virtual Clinical Open Lab, Tutoring  & Enhanced Learning Classes

  • WCUI will be offering Virtual Clinical Open Lab, Tutoring, and Enhanced Learning Classes to continue to help you practice your scanning skills. Please request these sessions through the Students Services Department (including your Student Advocate).



MRI Clinical Lab:

  • Please contact your Program Director for their specific educational plan.

  • If your clinical lab site is open, you will be able to attend MRI Clinical Lab, if you are comfortable with doing so. If you are not, please let us know! We will accommodate your needs.

  • If you are not able to attend an MRI Clinical Lab Site or if you are only able to attend for a portion of your required hours, you will continue your MRI Clinical Laboratory experience virtually. 

Virtual Clinical Lab Experience for MRI Students Not Able to Attend Clinical Lab Sites:

  • Students will utilize the GE Healthcare Learning System which is an educational portal created by General Electric (MRI unit manufacturer). Your GE Healthcare Learning System will provide access to hundreds of hours of MRI content, lectures, seminars plus practice exams and countless articles. *You must keep track of all Learning Certificates and submit them to cover your hours requirements.

  • Students will also utilize WSP (WorkStation Practice), a DICOM viewer integrating e-film platform, that includes significant MRI studies from anonymized patients. WCUI is also regularly adding more anonymized studies! *If you have any concerns about accessing your e-film accounts, please contact support@wcui.edu.

  • Lecture: WCUI will be broadcasting all lecture classes and WCUI laboratory students are encouraged to attend to review their MRI Physics, Cross-Sectional Anatomy, and Pathophysiology knowledge! This will allow you the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of your core courses.



Vocational Nursing Clinical Lab:  

Vocational Nursing students will learn Clinical Laboratory Skills in a Virtual environment using Canvas and Zoom: 

  • Students will watch a Virtual Simulation (vSim) lecture, under the supervision of your instructor. Following the vSim lecture:

    • Students will participate in a class discussion of the case scenario utilizing the nursing process (ADPIE: Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation).

    • Evaluate patient chart, i.e. vital signs, medication administration record (MAR), treatments, laboratory results and other relevant data provided by the vSim.

    • Create a scenario incorporating a mock patient, implement relevant nursing instructions, and demonstrate the skill to the class.

    • Participate in a class discussion.

  • Students will also complete the vSim simulation independently and receive feedback to improve their nursing knowledge and skills.



Ultrasound and MRI Students Clinical Externship: 

The purpose of Clinical Externship is to give you valuable “real-world” experience in order to prepare you for a career as a medical professional. Due to COVID-19, some students will not be able to attend externship. 

If you are not able to attend a clinical site, you will be eligible for WCUI’s COV-AID package (see additional details below). Additionally, WCUI will be shifting the Clinical externship experience by using the following:

  • Live Clinical Simulation: You will be provided with a SonoSim Ultrasound Training Unit and Subscription as a tool to simulate a live scanning experience. You will be accompanied by an experienced Clinical Instructor who will address your clinical skills.

  • Case Study Analysis: Students may use any legitimate online source (ASE, SDMS, SonoWorld, other approved sites) to find case studies relevant to the field of sonography. Students will prepare a 5-page paper in order to earn 5 hours’ externship credit.

    • Papers will be written in APA format (including a cover page and a reference page) and include all of the relevant facts from the case study (patient history, clinical findings, diagnosis, treatment options, and outcome). You must explain why the case study is interesting and how it might relate to things learned here at WCUI. Once complete, they must be e-mailed to the program director. *More than one paper can be submitted 

  • Mastery of Knowledge (Ultrasound): Students will access various webinars/videos relevant to the field of sonography and complete a quiz demonstrating mastery of the intended objective for each webinar/video. Each webinar/video followed by the quiz will be worth 1 hours’ externship credit. 

  • Clinical Professionalism Course: Students will complete an online professionalism course which has the value of not only starting but also accelerating your career trajectory! You will go through modules starting from the basics (“What”) of professionalism to advanced (“Why”). For example:  

    • Introduction to Professionalism 

    • Professionalism in Practice 

    • Continuous Improvement 

    • Integrity & Influence  

    • Case Study

    • Financial Literacy 

  • Registry Prep: Students will complete an online registry prep for their respective specialty (ECHO = RCS, DMS = ARRT(S), MRI = ARRT) including:

    • Pre-reading from the review book

    • Recorded lectures on key topics

    • Short quizzes on each topic

    • Virtual flashcards

    • Mock exam on Canvas

    • Live webinar to review test questions 

*For all Ultrasound Students, Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) has made their registry preparation available online, at no cost!

WCUI’s COV-AID Package (Ultrasound & MRI programs)

To be eligible for the COV-AID Package, students must have been scheduled for (and not been able to attend) an externship site due to COVID-19 in the Spring 2020 term. If Eligible, WCUI will: 

  • Pay for your CMEs for 2 years following graduation.

  • Pay for you to attend up to 2 applicable conferences within 2 years following graduation. *(WCUI will pay for your flight, hotel, and conference attendance)

  • Additional open lab at WCUI or its clinical affiliates as schedule permitting (to be organized by Program Director).

  • Pay for up to 2 registry exams taking within 2 years of graduation.

  • 10% scholarship for any additional programs taken at WCUI.

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