New WCUI Campus in San Marcos Helping to Transform the Community

WCUI School of Medical Imaging keeps on growing! We’ve just formally announced the opening of our brand-new campus in San Marcos, California, located in the beautiful Civic View Corporate Centre. With thousands of square feet of classroom and lab spaces and building amenities that include high-speed connectivity and a fitness center, we’re excited about the opportunity to serve not just the San Marcos area, but also surrounding communities in San Diego and the southern parts of Riverside and Orange County.  

“This expansion further supports our goal to provide high-quality educational offerings and new academic and professional opportunities,” said Mihaela Tanasecu, WCUI’s Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer. “It’s increasing access and flexibility for those students who might have otherwise had to travel north for programs in medical imaging.”

These new opportunities are especially key in the current job market, with healthcare careers booming and medical imaging in particular expected to see big employment growth. According to California’s Employment Development Department, employment of diagnostic medical sonographers is expected to grow 27.5% from 2018-2028 — much faster than the national average.

Michael Stewart, Director of Education at the San Marcos campus, says this new location plans to meet this demand by initially focusing on bachelor’s degree programs in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography.

“As the campus continues to grow, we will look to offer associate degrees in not only Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Cardiovascular Sonography, but also Magnetic Resonance Imaging as well,” Stewart said.

Stewart is particularly excited about the campus’s location and the opportunities it offers to network with the wide variety of top-notch hospitals and outpatient facilities, all within a small radius.

“With such a strong network of medical facilities, WCUI can not only provide our students with the knowledge and education to exceed in their respective medical calling but make a strong positive impact in this growing medical community,” Stewart said. “Additionally, the San Marcos campus has been constructed with the students in mind, giving them access to the equipment and the facility they need to strive in their respected field.” 

Tanasecu said that the campus is already benefitting from the robust professional network in the area, even as they build the campus’s relationship with local clinical and externship sites. 

“As we continue to roll out our operations and our campus offerings, we’re constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance our presence for the health and well-being of the community,” Tanasecu said. “We’re also increasing access and flexibility for our students by offering certain components of our programs online, which we hope will make it easier than ever for people to pursue an in-demand healthcare career.”

If you’ve been considering an education in medical sonography, now is the time, and WCUI is the place. We’ve been educating students with the healthcare knowledge they need for over 20 years at our campuses in Los Angeles, California; Ontario, California; San Marcos, California; and Phoenix, Arizona for your convenience. Contact us today to learn more about our programs or request an enrollment application today.


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