WCUI Partners with RadNet Imaging to Host Career Fair  

Last month, WCUI hosted an exclusive Career Fair alongside RadNet Imaging for alumni and students. The goal was to support our alumni and students’ career goals by introducing them to a highly reputable employer in their field while supporting a local employer and clinical partner, RadNet, to fill open positions in sonography and MRI. The career fair was held at the WCUI Ontario campus and over 100 WCUI students and alumni came to the event to interview for over 300 job openings across Southern California. Locations included Murrietta, Temecula, Palm Springs, Indio, and the surrounding Inland Empire and the Los Angeles area. Some of the openings included Diagnostic Medical Sonographers/Ultrasound Technicians, MRI Technologists, and Patient Service Representatives positions with RadNet clinics.  

Thank You WCUI Career Services Team and RadNet Imaging! 

We would like to thank you and your team for setting up a successful event! Definitely appreciated the hospitality given towards us and the students. Your staff’s passion is something that most schools need to emulate.” – Kevin N. RadNet Imaging 

Thank you to the RadNet team, our Career Services team, and the WCUI Ontario Campus staff and faculty for all their hard work and time spent to make this event successful. 

Alumni, students, staff, and faculty were thrilled to have an onsite event again after the past couple of years of restrictions. One of the WCUI attendees thought that “The career fair went great and it was such a liberating experience and comforting to know WCUI cares so much about our success during [school] and as an alum”.  

We were so excited to host this great opportunity for our WCUI alumni and our soon-to-be graduates to interview for positions in their chosen field and also a unique occasion for current WCUI students to interview for administrative positions that would allow them to step into the medical imaging field with a highly reputable employer. 

WCUI looks forward to partnering up with RadNet again for another Career Fair and planning out more events like the WCUI Ontario Career Fair to continue to support our alumni and students’ needs and medical imaging career goals. 

Good Luck WCUI! 

We are so proud of our students and alumni as they came dressed to impress and prepared. Good luck to all the interviewees! We look forward to celebrating your announcements of employment with a great employer like RadNet Imaging!  

Connect With Your Career Services Team

If you are a current student preparing for graduation or a recent alum and are in need of job placement assistance, need an extra eye on your resume, or just support building one, our career services team is here for you. Please reach out to your Career Services team at any time! They are here to support you not only during your time at WCUI but through graduation and beyond. 

Email: careerservices@wcui.edu  

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