WCUI Offers New Technology Resources for Students
WCUI School of Medical Imaging and Nursing strives to provide our students with the resources they need to succeed in their pursuit of education and their career. This includes providing technological resources to meet student needs and adapt to the changing world, especially education. WCUI Tech Resources include computer labs, wifi, student email accounts, Office365 suite (Microsoft Word Online, etc.), technical support, and more!

Resource available to WCUI students are listed below:
  1. NEW! Microsoft Office365 – To access your Microsoft Office365 account and software, please log into https://www.office.com. You’ll find Outlook (student email), OneDrive (cloud storage), Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online available for use.
  2. NEW! Student Portal via Orbund – Access your student portal
  3. NEW! Canvas – Go to https://wcui.instructure.com/ to go to your online classes.
  4. Ultralinq – Go to https://app.ultralinq.net to find your laboratory exams using a powerful, well-known cloud-based DICOM system used in the real world.
  5. AtiTesting.com – Go to https://www.atitesting.com/ to find practice testing for the ATI and NCLEX tests.
  6. Hesi Testing with Elsevier – Go to https://hesiinet.elsevier.com/ to take a compatibility test for HESI.
  7. WCUI Library Guides – Go to https://wcui.libguides.com/ for a full list of research databases available for student assignments and research projects.
  8. Trajecsys
  9. eFilm

For a full list of cloud software, please click here: What Technology Resources Are Available at WCUI?.

Technical Support
To obtain technical support from our awesome WCUI IT team, please email support@wcui.edu or fill out a support form by clicking here: Submit a Request.

You may also find helpful articles at https://support.wcui.edu/

We are excited to continue to add new technology and applications for our students in the pursuit of their careers. Keep an eye out for new technology on the horizon!

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