Global Hosts ASRT Approved Pediatric Imaging Webinar

WCUI Global will be hosting a second ASRT approved webinar on Tips for Successful Pediatric Imaging with Monique Riemann, RDMS, RVT of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, September 22md from 12 -1 pm and will provide insight on the pediatric world of ultrasound imaging as well as provide methods for successful imaging. This is a great opportunity to earn one Continuing Education credit from ASRT and expand your knowledge on Pediatric Imaging.

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About the Tips For Successful Pediatric Imaging Webinar:

The Pediatric Imaging Webinar will cover: 

  1. The differences between adult and pediatric imaging
  2. How to create the right atmosphere for success
  3. Specific pediatric exams protocols and tips
  4. Challenges and child life services

After completing the webinar, attendees will receive a certificate from WCUI Global and ASRT, for 1 continuing education credit. 

We look forward to your attendance! 


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