Giving Thanks – Thanksgiving 2020

In pure 2020 fashion, we’ve all been a little humbled this year. There have been times we were forced into uncomfortable situations and had to adapt. Whether it’s transitioning a historically in-person education to an online learning format or persevering through a pandemic to get your education and become the next nurse, sonographer, MRI technologist, or in the case of our Phoenix Director of Education’s son, the next doctor! This Thanksgiving we want to show gratitude and thanks for the amazing staff, faculty, alumni, partners, and employers that make WCUI who we are. Your determination this year to keep education going for the people who are needed in the field now more than ever exemplifies everything WCUI stands for.

We connected with some of the top leaders at WCUI and asked them what they are thankful for this year, read them all below! As a reminder, all WCUI Campuses will be closed Thursday, November 26th, and Friday, November 27th. Weekend classes will resume on Saturday, November 28th.


Myra Chason

Myra Chason

WCUI Co-Founder & Campus Director at the Los Angeles Campus

“I would like to especially give thanks to all the heroes during the COVID pandemic, including, doctors, nurses, the restaurant service industry workers, the grocery service industry workers, and so many more. And a special thanks to our teachers and administrators for their excellence in delivery and education. Many thanks to all!”

Andrew High


“Happy Thanksgiving! 2020 has pushed us, pushed our relationships with friends and family, pushed our work, and pushed us to think differently in many ways. In our work at WCUI, we can create a meaningful life change for our learners. I’m deeply thankful for WCUI’s staff, faculty, and students and for the opportunity to make an impact.”


Dr. Mike Matwick

Director of Education at the Phoenix Campus

“This Thanksgiving, I am grateful and humbled that my son, Dr. Nathan Matwick, completed his Emergency Medicine residency from Midwestern University, passed his board exam, and is now a practicing physician at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, AZ. As educators, I have to tell you that my son’s path to completing medical school was non-traditional. Along the way, he had a number of faculty who advised him to go another route. But on the other side, were educators and doctors who saw his drive and passion, like his program director, Dr. Paul Allegretti. They realized that success isn’t achieved based on test scores, but on one’s internal motivation and desire to finish. I am proud of my son and thankful for the people who saw the light in him and believed that he could reach his goal. My wish is that at WCUI, we always look for the “other attributes” that will help our students achieve. To foster and promote them, and to encourage their motivation to excel. “

Picture of Dr. Matwick's son standing in front of the American Osteopathic Association sign and smiling

Congratulations to Dr. Matwick’s son (pictured above)! We are thrilled to have such a passionate doctor like him in the field and protecting our communities.


Director of Education at the Los Angeles Campus

“In a year that will never be forgotten, what I am thankful for is the willingness to collaborate by all members of WCUI. This includes the students, the faculty, and the staff of WCUI all coming together in a united front, to work with each other and ensuring that the education continues, no matter what. It is an honor to be a part of this group.”


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