Basic ECHO Training for OPOs with CompuMed

In 2021, the WCUI CME Division and CompuMed have continued in their partnership to provide basic echocardiography training for organ procurement organizations (OPO’s). The purpose of the training is to equip advanced transplant coordinators with fundamental knowledge in acquiring basic images of donor’s hearts to improve workflow in transplant services.  

Basic ECHO Training participants

The WCUI CME Division has provided virtual didactic instruction from its key faculty members, including both Tim Chambers – Cardiovascular Program Director at the WCUI Phoenix campus and Malka Stromer – Director of Continuing Medical Education. To bridge the gap between didactic and hands-on training during the Basic ECHO for OPO training, WCUI implemented the Butterfly Transducer and its proprietary educational technology which allows hands-on instruction to take place in a virtual setting.  



Three key OPO’s – Louisiana Organ Procurement Alliance (LOPA) out of Louisiana, Donor Alliance out of Colorado, and Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) out of Texas, participated in our Basic ECHO for OPOs training. Learners from all three organizations will continue to participate in bi-weekly image review sessions where the lead instructor, Tim Chambers, will review uploaded images from our learners and answer questions on the everyday challenges of the OPO community as it pertains to echocardiography. The WCUI CME Division will continue to serve existing and new clients through this valuable training as a part of its mission to utilize ultrasound education to bring about more effective outcomes within the healthcare community. 

Additional information about the WCUI CME Division can be found on Set up a 1-on-1 information session here with our WCUI CME division leaders to find out more about our Basic ECHO training and additional programs available to improve your practice. 

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